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Published works by and of Macala Lacy, AMFT & CYT


Wake Work - Self Care for the Black Community

Out of Nowhere


Meet Macala "Kala" Lacy, AMFT & CYT and The Well Healing

Voyage LA


Meet Macala Lacy | Yoga Psychotherapist

Shoutout SoCal


Ep. 384 Making Self-Care More Than a Buzzword

How to Be a Better Person Podcast

Celebrating and Recognizing the Black Owned Business of Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach Alliance

2021 Goal Getter Guide: Future of Wellness
Women's Health Magazine

Macala "Kala" Lacy | Yoga Psychotherapist

Voyage LA Magazine - Shoutout Series

Very Black, Very Queer with Kala Lacy, MS

Sanctuary, the Podcast

A Therapist's Case for Rethinking the Self-Care Culture

Radiant Health Magazine

Conversations with the Inspiring Mackala Lacy

Voyage LA Magazine

New Year, New(-ly Integrated) You

Radiant Health Magazine

Community, Visibility and Inspiration for Black Girls with Kala Lacy

Wander Well (podcast)

The Practice of Being Present: How to Live More Mindfully

Radiant Health Magazine

Inside the Winner's Circle with Kala Lacy

Win Life (podcast)

Dear Kanye (and Silenced Black Women in Kanye's Life): A Brief Commentary

Kala Lacy

T.H.I.N.K. like Lacy

LaTianna Williams

Inversions & Periods, Let's Talk About It

Kala Lacy

Why BlackGirlYoga Matters

Kala Lacy


Angry, Allegedly (radio)

Black Girl Yoga Magic

Interview with Kala Lacy

Calming Sense (podcast)

Guided Relaxation

Kala Lacy

How to Reignite Your Yoga Practice

Kala Lacy

What My First Year As A Yoga Teacher Taught Me

Kala Lacy

Black Women and Meditation

Kala Lacy

Yogi Spotlight Series - Mackala Lacy


What is Yoga?

Kala Lacy

Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Black Girl in Om

Black Behind the Orange Curtain

Shandell Maxwell (documentary)

Well Words: Service
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