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The Founders

Macala "Kala" Lacy, LMFT & CYT
+ Ancestors

My name is Macala Lacy, but you can call me Kala (she/they)! I was given this life to support the healing of LGBTQ+ Black and people of color. I use my knowledge and experience as a licensed marriage & family therapist and certified yoga teacher to provide historically exploited communities across the nation with education of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

The Well Healing was co-founded by myself and my ancestors in 2017.


The Well Healing is unique because of its diverse sources of wisdom. Through collaboration with educators, clinicians, and holistic healers of all sorts of backgrounds we create a living, breathing, life-sustaining resource. I consider it my responsibility to provide, fight for, and challenge conceptualizations of care in oppressive spaces. It is my intention to spread awareness of the importance and complexities of healing and wellness. I truly believe that we each hold the power within ourselves for radical growth, and seek to guide my community back into their truth.  My mission is to help the disenfranchised seek wellness, wholeness: themselves.

Connect with me so we can get WELL soon!

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